Irish win opener over veteran Republic squad

Irish win opener over veteran Republic squad

SPRINGIELD, MO--The Fighting Irish kicked off their 2018 season after a long lightning delay Saturday August 25th hosting The Tigers of Republic. 

The Irish started a mix of 4 Seniors, 6 Juniors , and 1 Freshman to Republic's 10 Seniors and 1 Freshman. Republic's Senior-laden team is surly to bode well for the season however was not intimidating to the Irish whose team consisted of seasoned local club veterans from the likes of Pinnacle, Sporting Springfield, and Carl Rose. 

Control seemed to be the strong suit for the home team as the Tigers were set to try to impose physical dominance and ultimately out shoot the Irish 19/14. But it was the dominance of The Irish Curtain to prevail. 

The second half produced a corner kick from a deflected 15 yard shot from Hunter Skornia. Trey Garroutte served the ball to Dane Rowe whose crashing shot ricocheted back to him from the cross bar.  Rowe's rebounding touch found Reece Cornwell laying out with a foot to drive home the single game winning goal. 

The Irish expect a second spirited test on Tuesday at Carthage.