Catholic Kickapoo Showdown

Catholic Kickapoo Showdown

SPRINGFIELD, MO--Both of these two teams came to play. After an unfriendly Kickapoo tweet, the Irish students rallied and came out to show support for their undefeated Soccer team and the players responded.

The pace of play was unlike any local game this year. Fans were commenting that something needed to happen to slow the game, but that never really happened. This was especially true since the game went through regulation, two overtimes to penalty kicks.

Kickapoo's Luke Boyd was first to score from a beautiful thru ball leaving him a great one-on-one for the first goal. His animated celebration only fueled the Irish fire.

Refusing to let down the Fighting Irish pressed the attack. A foul in the box resulted in a penalty kick taken and scored by senior Calvin Sanders.

The game remained 1-1 thru two overtimes taking the game to penalty kicks. Catholic seemed confident as this was their second game to go to PK's this season. Sanders and Cornwell scored as Kickapoo's Peebles missed high over goal and Jackson Riddle was blocked by Catholic's keeper Nick Gomez. But it was the freshman Keanu Baguio with the dagger to score the final PK for the win.

Catholic moves to 6-0 and will face Rogersville on Tuesday, September 11th.